SMS Special Conference Santiago - March 19 - 21, 2015
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Special Conference Extension: Santiago, Chile
Wednesday, March 18th
7:30 - 18:30




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A key strategic challenge for companies today is to develop sustainable innovation capabilities that enable product and service portfolio renewal and business model adaptation to environmental changes. While, for many years, innovation was almost exclusively entrusted to R&D (research and development) and operational departments, innovation has more recently become a strategic priority in most organizations and even countries.

The extension at the School of Business and Economics at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) intends to provide an interactive forum for cross-disciplinary intellectual exchange, gathering a panel of scholars from different fields and experiences as well as prominent researchers and practitioners interested in strategy, governance and innovation. The workshop is limited to 40 participants.

This extension pursues two main goals: first, to discuss and develop ideas for future research at the intersection of strategy, corporate governance, family business and innovation, and, second, to give scholars an opportunity to connect and network with a community of faculty, researchers and practitioners who share their interest in these issues.

At this workshop, we will address several important research areas, including the institutional embeddedness of innovation systems; how business groups, multinationals from emerging countries and family firms are managing their innovation strategies, and the importance of managerial action in new innovative business venturing.

First Session: Institutions, Corporate Governance and Innovation Strategy.

  • This session will explore the more general questions of how innovation is conditioned by country- level institutions and corporate governance systems, and how it influences firm strategy and innovation outcomes. This session will particularly focus on emerging markets, exploring the implications of formal and informal institutional characteristics, development and change processes, and the strategic implications of innovation for both emerging market firms and foreign multinationals.

Second Session: Innovation in Business Groups and Family Firms.

  • This session will discuss the distinctiveness of business groups and family firms, as well as the implications of family and groups’ ownership and control over innovation strategy and firm performance.

Third Session: Managerial action and innovation.

  • This session will explore the ties between management action and practices, and new business creation and companies’ strategic renewal. For business innovation to prove successful, companies need to know the drivers that push organization members to search for innovations. Accordingly, we will focus on the relevance of managers’ “intrapreneurial” orientation and action for innovation development.

About the Host Institution:

Ever since its inception over 20 years ago, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) has strived to train professionals in entrepreneurship and innovation, preparing them to successfully perform as entrepreneurs or senior executives in the dynamic world of business. To this end, its School of Business and Economics has educated over 3,000 students and ranks among Latin America’s top business schools, the MBA Program has been recognized as the regional leader in entrepreneurship and innovation for the past five years. The School’s alliances with Babson College and Stanford University’s Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) are a testament to the innovative drive in academics and a proven commitment to engage in cutting-edge research and to build close ties with the business sector. The quality of the teaching staff, more than 100 exchange programs with 79 foreign universities, the network of prestigious foreign professors, and UDD Ventures business incubator all bring the School closer to the business world.


Only those registered to SMS Special Conference Santiago are able to register and attend this extension. A registration fee of US$ 105 per participant will be charged to cover expenses. Please note SMS members will receive a $20 reduction. Online registration for this extension will open in mid-July.

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